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The Fair Trade Federation has published the following commentary about the credit crisis and Fair Trade, asking that the information be circulated widely.

A string of financial problems within the US and world economy, triggered by a US housing crisis, have arisen in 2008. The question becomes how may these global problems manifest themselves within the Fair Trade world?  When it seems that sales are solid – and many fair trade businesses are continuing to outshine the others on Main Street – why should we be concerned?

As the credit crunch lurches towards a full blown crisis, we need to ask ourselves if this credit will be available in 2009 and, if not, how we can continue to function and maintain our values as Fair Traders? It is very likely that credit will be much harder to find and that even existing lines of credit may be withdrawn.  How will this situation affect Fair Trade?

Below, the Federation has put together some thinking on the possible credit crisis with advice for wholesalers, producers, and retailers. Conversation, discussion, advice, information sharing, and other types of involvement are encouraged. (more…)

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