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Fair Enough?

Ian Hussey y Patrick Clark have pubilshed an article about the new farmer owned certification system, the Small Producer Symbol (SPP), for its Spanish acronym), in the October edition of the New Internationalist.

Fair enough?

Historia del Comercio Comercio Justo Ian Hussey“An alternative certification and labeling system, the Small Producers Symbol (SPP), is keeping farmers at the heart of fair trade”. “Thanks to the ‘politics behind the labels’, there are now at least six certifiers of ‘ethical’ coffee in the US alone.

Unsurprisingly, consumers are confused. But SPP, which covers agricultural, beekeeping products and crafts, is steadily attracting more co-operatives and mission-driven importers, because it costs farmers less money and its fair trade standards are more adaptable to the needs of the producer co-operatives

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