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Our food system is broken.  One billion people across the globe face hunger and food insecurity.   On October 15th, World Food Day, a group of food, farm, labor, and justice organizations from across the US put forth a Call to Action calling on the next administration to take rapid steps to address the food crisis through fundamental changes to the government’s food, agricultural, labor and international aid policies.  This ad-hoc group, The US working Group on the Food Crisis, represents various sectors of the food system, including anti-hunger, family farm, community food security, environmental, international aid, labor, food justice, consumer, and other groups.  

Yesterday, they sent a letter, and the Call to Action, to President-elect Barack Obama asking him to take immediate action.  (You can still add your and/or your organization’s name to this growing list.)

Equal Exchange and a number of our food co-operative and Interfaith partners have endorsed this call. We believe that it’s past time to get our food system working for small farmers, consumers, and the environment. Changing government policies is imperative. Equally critical are efforts to support progressive businesses that are trying to change the food system by constructing an alternative economic model, based on solidarity principles. At Equal Exchange, we are continually challenging ourselves to learn about the food system, questioning what got us to this point, calling for appropriate policy changes, and taking concrete steps to support local farmers, farmer co-operatives, and businesses that live their values and are constructing alternative economic models that work for people. We encourage all of you to do the same – other models are possible! (more…)

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