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The following article was written by Aaron Dawson, Equal Exchange Customer Service Manager and former Worker-Owner Coordinator.

Humanity @ Work 

It seems somewhat ironic that exactly a week after I return from my St. Mary’s Master of Management – Cooperatives and Credit Unions study tour of Mondragon, Spain, where the world’s largest formalized network of worker co-ops lives, the United Steelworkers announced their collaboration with Mondragon to develop and grow manufacturing worker co-ops in the U.S. & Canada (click here to visit that announcement from the United Steelworkers Union). Had I known this announcement was coming, maybe I could have just waited a couple years and visited a Mondragon co-op somewhere in the U.S.

But let’s back up a little and ask: Why is the fact that some Spanish company is opening manufacturing plants here in the U.S. so exciting? Well, for one, we could certainly use more manufacturing jobs, but that’s just the beginning. Mondragon is exciting because it is such a large and complex network of worker-owned businesses, ranging from worker-owned auto parts manufacturing plants, worker-owned kitchen appliance manufacturing plants, worker-owned and consumer-owned grocery stores, worker-owned credit unions and even a worker-owned University where professors and university workers own the University. (more…)

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