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Happy New Year!

We hope that the start to 2014 brings with it new energy and positive growth, both personally and professionally, to everyone in our Bananacado network.

This first 2014 edition of the newsletter is filled to the brim with tools to jump start the authentic fairtrade conversation: perfect timing for those with resolutions to eat better and make the world a better place. Marvel at the 2013 Impact Infographic, or watch a new animated short about banana history, or plan to attend the Banana Conference in Boston in March. But pass on what you learn to colleagues, friends, and customers. We’re putting our best foot forward this year- not just leaning on past success, but gearing up for what lies ahead. We’re counting on you to help raise the debate over our food system in 2014.

But first, an update on fairtrade certified pricing in 2014… (more…)

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EE bananas at cafeLast night on my way home from work, I stopped off at the Harvest Co-op in Jamaica Plain to get a few things for dinner.

…. And there they were! Equal Exchange bananas!

I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see them there on the shelf (proudly placed above the Dole bananas if I can be so bold!)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me but Meghan Hubbs, Equal Exchange’s Cafe Developer, had just sent around this photo. It’s our newest product: organic, Fair Trade bananas from small farmer co-operatives, which the cafe has been selling for a few weeks now.

All the more exciting, last week in Ecuador, we watched them putting on the stickers, packing them in boxes and sending them to the port to be shipped here! (you’ll find more about that trip during the upcoming days…)

ecuador el guabo 2009 092

Consumers now have a choice!!!!

Chiquita? Dole? Or… Equal Exchange Fair Trade organic bananas from small farmer co-operatives!

I try to keep a balance on this blog of inspiring stories from our farmer and retail partners, consumer friends and allies, along with the serious challenges we all face as control of our economy (and food system) becomes more and more concentrated.

So it’s really exciting when I get to share a visible and concrete sign of another major success such as this one!

And to continue with fun and inspiring tales…. Willy Street Food Co-op’s Annual Meeting… I’m hoping that Dana, Pfeif, Scott or River might write a paragraph or two about their experience serving up banana, coffee, and chocolate smoothies using bicycle-powered blenders (wearing banana suits of course)… for now, I’ll let these photos speak for themselves!

DancingPfeif and Dean


Finally, here’s a video one of the Willy St co-op members made of his wife on the bike.


p.s. The dancing bananas are Pfeif and Dana from Equal Exchange. On the right, Pfeif and Dean Kallas from Willy Street. On the bike blenders are Pfeif and River, also from Equal Exchange.

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